Premier League streaming on Amazon Prime – was broadcaster’s debut a success?

It was a historic moment in Premier League football this week as a whole round of fixtures were streamed online via Amazon Prime.

After decades of traditional broadcasting methods, this was a step into the unknown and a glimpse at what the future of watching football at home could look like.

Amazon say it was “one of the biggest-ever streaming events in the UK”.

But was it a success? BBC Sport takes a look at what worked and what didn’t with Amazon Prime’s first stab at covering Premier League football.

What did they do differently?

As ever when a new broadcaster gets in on the action, people were curious to see what little innovations Amazon Prime would bring.

For some, that was as simple as where the score and clock would be positioned on screen…

Amazon Prime opted for a traditional position in this area, with the score taking its familiar place in the top-left corner of the screen – although it placed the time in the middle of the scoreboard, with each club’s score on the outside.

But it was the other elements it brought to its live match coverage that drew praise.

Viewers were impressed with the ability to access line-ups, stats and highlights on the right-hand side of the screen as the game unfolded, while the option to switch off commentary and simply listen to the stadium atmosphere proved particularly popular.

There was also a lot of love for their Goals Centre show, which took fans around the grounds on Wednesday to see the goals as they went in.

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